Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep so this day was amazing. Sam Wallace had his 21st on a bus- We started at the Star- went to Lake Hume Resort for some wetnwild fun, went to Ettamogah Pub, Gerogery Pub, Walla Walla Pub, Burrumbuttick Pub, and finally Jindera Pub for some extreme Karaoke.
Best people. Was Summer/beach themed so I played my Uke all day. At one stage the bus became a nighclub- It was insane. These are all Ally's photo's except the first one was Rowands- Can't wait to see his and Dougs.

That night, after speeches on the bus- I drove Stella and Mark to Wangaratta while they turned the car into a rollercoaster ride. Was going to all go out with Lora but she had passed out hours before haha but we were all fucked so went to bed. In the morning Lora and Rachael came and visited us at Stella's.
Then went home, so stuffed- watched the last episode of Community, went over to Marks with Jeremy and we made up some Keys for Disclosure.
It doesn't end there!
Got home and Jaxon and Spence came over-
Ended up calling Dougy T and he was like come over.
FUCK that was a good night. Doug is the man- as was Glenn Stuckey - Julia and the rest.
Highlights- Talkin' shit- puppies named drugs and how doug took me back around to the beginning somehow! Alien suspects. Musical Moment.
Then we went upstairs and played "Pimp my scone"- made the best scones ever- out of nothing but everything.
Then I crashed in the spare bed- woke up in time for work and yeah- the week began.
On that note- I've been working basically flat out with School swim squads during the days and normal squads at night- got almost 2k saved up but now!
Still got another two weeks left of school squads.

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