Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Grandad.

My Grandad recently and sadly almost suddenly passed away.
I spoke on behalf of Edwina and my cousins.
I struggled, lost all the power from my voice, but at least I got through it.

To Edwina and I you were more than just grandad. 
You were one of the greatest fathers to not only my mum, Donna and Lendy but you were the Dad I've always looked up to and hoped to one day be. 
The loving husband one young lady working as a receptionist in a harvest factory could only dream of meeting and running away with to spend the next 50 odd years together. 
But more personally for Edwina and I...
You were grandad. 
The best grandad we could ask for. 
I'm sure Sarah and Jess would agree. 
Between You and Gran- you created the loved ones and loving atmosphere that surrounds me today- my family- 
Its a shame you couldn't be here in a physical form today to hear all the praise I wish I'd given you whilst I still had the chance- So everyone, please do cherish the time you still have left with your loved ones. 
I'd like to initiate that by saying thankyou to my lovely mother, for all the things you constantly do for me and everyone- and for raising me so well. I love who I am and it's all thanks to you. 
So thankyou Gran, thankyou grandad for raising such beautiful children. 

Energy is something that cannot be destroyed- only relocated or transformed- the amount of energy my grandad gave to everyone and everything in the 81 years he was here is going to be passed on not only today but his legacy will forever remain here- his humour I will never forget- and all the funny little games he played with Edwina and I growing up- like banging our fists and forks growling "where's my dinner" - kicking the football with me and shouting "get a bag" everytime
I missed the mark- 
Having me sit up on his knees in bed while he read the paper and how he got me everytime when I least expected it by splitting his knees and having me fall through to the bed. I always loved that game and these are just a few of the things I hope to pass down to my kids and grandkids one day. 

The last time I saw Grandad, he obviously wasn't feeling too flash- but he still managed to be the joker of the room- he was also very keen on explaining to us his hallucinations he'd been having- he seemed so intrigued and fascinated by the power of the mind- his walls of reality were breaking down- his consciousness- the soul and spirit within us all was exploring it's abilities- and now it's been set free- I don't expect him to be sitting around listening to me drone on but I know he's not gone- i believe he's in a new world of possibilities in a higher dimension- But he remains here in our memories, he's still alive within us all and I hope that at some stage through this journey of the soul we all get the privilege to re-encounter the beautiful soul that he was. 

Christmas won't be the same without you grandad. We're all gonna miss you. 

This was a quick video I took whilst we last visited him in the hospital,
just before this he told the best story of his hallucinations so I was hoping for another one.

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