Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I love feedback.

Hi Judd, 

Here is the feedback from the judges from Battle. It is a compilation of the comments of all three judges and is designed to help you improve your performance. 

 I really liked your new band and I think if you work at it you are on to a winner there. The judges were impressed and there was literally one point between the top three - any one could have won.  You were so close. I even triple checked all of the adding up to be sure! 

I am sure that we will have other opportunities for your new band to play and I will keep you in mind. Aside from your naughty streak you are generally a positive person to have involved so we are happy to work with you. I hope you enjoyed the evening and thanks for bringing you friends along again. 

The Trailer
·        Started strong – most of the time you looked like you were having fun
·        Overall it is a good sound and the band works well together
·        Some issues with the separation of sound made it hard at times to distinguish the individual parts
·        At times the rhythm was a little clunky on the changes
·        More work is needed on getting a better mix of dynamics and volume between band members
·         Songs generally well formed and catchy
·        The last song was a favourite – good feel and sound from start to finish – some great chords
·        Good cover version –suited the overall sound of the band – effective tempo changes and half time feel – lacked the attention grabbing sound of your originals – very expressive vocal melodies
·        Quite a few good songs and a nice style/sound but will need to tighten up to really pull the songs off convincingly – but it is a first gig together and so the potential is there if they keep working at it
·        Vocalist really showed his passion whereas the other members were very low key – looked lost
·        Guitarist to the right had back to the audience a lot of the time
·        Nice thick sound – very balanced between all instruments
·        Vocals were a little inconsistent in volume – missed whole phrases at times
·        No connection between drummer and bass player
·        Great recording potential after rhythmic tightening between drums and bass – alternative airplay market
·        Really great energy – keep it up all the way to the end note
·        Watch timing – guitar went out of time during a song
·        Drums are excellent and strong
·        You play with tempo and time very well
·        Great set guys – thanks
·        1st and 3rd songs were great – nice tempo, feel and sound
·        Together Alone – best song – really catchy melody in the verses and chorus – if all your songs were like this one I would buy it!
·        Buried Alive – great closing song
·        More practice and time to find your sound – refine and let it evolve – something really exciting around the corner I think!
If any of your band have lost equipment then please let me know as I might have it.

Nicole Cornell
Project Officer
Youth Services
Ph: (02) 6022 9704
Mobile: 0403 601 995
Email: ncornell@wodonga.vic.gov.au

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