Friday, July 2, 2010

Long time no blog!

I haven't blogged in so long I don't know where to start!
So much things I've been up to and keep meaning to blog about but haven't had time to be bothered to stop and write.
Well firstly... Thanks to everyone who came to battle of the bands, it was a great night, The Trailer came 2nd... we were beaten by Grace and Juliet by 1 point! Dang! But well done to them :)
Not bad for our first gig but! The sound was fucking donkey balls but and lighting.
What else... um Oh I went to see Blkout when they came to Albury and moshed pretty hard.
Whilst I'm on gig topic, last night after I got home from being with the cutest girl in the world, Hayden, Sam and I went to Roi's opening night of "Master Volume"and watched and listened to "Girl in the red light" who are from Wagga and fucking ROCK, and "Brittle" lovely babes from Melbourne who rocked just as hard! No one was there because there was Bermuda gig going on as well as the pub gig in wodonga at O'Maleys.
They played La Dispute in Roi and I was frikkin' teary! It was a beautiful moment for mankind!
So yeah next week everyone has to come and watch my new chelsea band play our first gig at Roi with Forgiven Rival. Thursday! Roi! It's holidays for everyone so no excuse! :)
The sound and lighting is seriously unreal!
I'll end this blog here and keep it just to music :)

Oh and new layout ;)

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Jimi said...

fuck roi. i wish i had a fakey!