Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project Freight Train Hop.

I'm keen to do some free, adventurous traveling.
Even if its from thurgoona to albury, or albury to wang to start off with.
I guess I've been inspired by Bear Grylls and Alexander Supertramp, but I'd truely be livin' it just casually cruising on the open carriage of a freight train. Been doing my research and am keen to find a partner and go to adelaide and back or something when it warms up.
This is probably the best story I've ever read of a guys train skitching experience! Haha! The photo's are awesome!

Here's my line options... ^_^


Anonymous said...

Haha that would be the best
I'd go fo sho


Anonymous said...

you should come with mads ely and i. we start at byron and backpack from there on. - soph. weeeeeeeeeeeeee live the free life.