Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Shifting.

"There is the dream, and there is the dreamer of the dream. The dream is a short-lived play of forms. It is the world – relatively real but not absolutely real. Then there is the dreamer, the absolute reality in which the forms come and go. The dreamer is not the person. The person is part of the dream. The dreamer is the substratum in which the dream appears, that which makes the dream possible. It is the absolute behind the relative, the timeless behind time, the consciousness in and behind form. The dreamer is consciousness itself – who you are." - Eckhart Tolle, 'A New Earth'.

This is the book I've been reading lately. I've had to read every paragraph about 3 times to really grasp most the concepts but I'm slowly getting through it and I am learning so much, it is changing me, it's awakening me to who I thought I was, the ego... and being aware of such presence in my head means I can now separate the conscious and unconscious doings of my being and thus become a more controlled, rational and positive presence.
Try to live in the present moment, because that's all that exists for us, unconsciously however we find ourselves trapped in thoughts of the past and the future, and we can never really awaken if we're not awake to the presence. 
I usually quote books as I read them, but every sentence of this book is a good quote so I'm going to wait until I finish the book and then skim through and write out each sentence that really spoke to me. 

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