Friday, July 30, 2010

Instant Star.

Was on Nickelodeon just before and there was the biggest babe ever, on the show Saddie, real life Laura Vandervoort. I couldn't find any pictures that did her justice as to how she was looking this episode but dang!
The show seemed like a try-hard Gossip Girl, not that I was paying attention... turns out it was Canadian produced between 2004-08 so technically they're ahead of Gossip girl haha but turns out it's nothing like it.
I searched it on youtube trying to find this babe and came across this:
Probably the best song I've heard in a while!
You see her a couple of times in it, but yeah raided google to find her too haha
Sadly, none of these photo's give remote justice to her beauty... so tune into nickelodeon haha.

It's a horrible picture, but this was the episode how her hair was done all cool. Yep. Obsessed haha.

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