Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Juddly what do you think of Equidistant Letter Sequence method in the bible in particular, or the bible code?

It's a pretty outrageous "coincident" if you can believe half of it, but the idea that the book of genesis was written by GOD, the conclusion they love to jump on as it's all so prophetic and foreseeing... is a tad stupid...
I mean it is pretty incredible, the odds being coincidental and all but If this is God's proof that 'he' wrote the book of genesis by proving he knew who was going to become Jewish king's name and birth for a few hundred years is pretty pathetic if you think how irrational that is of an almighty god.
If god wanted to prove 'his' existence wouldn't he have found a better way than carefully and difficultly placing one letter at a time in a book?
I mean he could've written the whole book predicting things more bluntly before the big dwelling end of time so we actually believed it... or I mean...
Could he not just speak to us?
I mean he is the 'almighty' creator if you believe the message of the source.

I actually lean towards the idea that alien intervening could have been the result of such "human impossibilities- a higher intelligence" as they've been alleged to be inter-dimensional beings, so in other words, time-travellers- they could manipulate things blah blah... I'm not going into it as people immediately hear "alien" and laugh... dumb, ignorant, self-centered, egoic people they are, but i'll let them be and hopefully soon enough it will become a topic taken into serious consideration, the proof and amount of testimonials is astounding.
I'm glad people like Stephen Hawking, astronauts etc are speaking out about this.

I'll answer that for you!

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Steph said...

Hahah i definitely asked this question. :)