Thursday, July 15, 2010

illiterate poet.

She makes me feel like a poet but 
I'm lost for words. She's not 
the type of girl to give a damn 
if we don't talk but I just hold her hand.
But that's not even the case,
Just no words describe her face
Perfect is so cliche,
I overuse it anyway.
Anyway, anyway, anyway she's so fine.

She makes me feel weak at the knees,
so can someone tell me please,
how I feel invincible? 
What's the deal? Oh she drives me crazy.
I just can't get past the fact, 
my smiles so intact.
This girl is like a dream.
Everyday she's a Beauty Queen
Everyday, everyday, any day she's so fine.

It's been so long now, since I wrote this all down,
My love for you badly expressed in a song now.
Feared we were over, but now we're closer.
Your love for me has turned me light as a feather, again.

Anyway, anyway, anyway she's all mine.

Lacks bridge lyrics, other than that, newest and final song for The Trailer Ep.

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