Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Missile to the Moon.

Today around sunset, 5:30 to be precise...
I saw what seriously looked like two rockets slowly being launched up past the atmosphere.
Went straight up and had really black smoke protruding, about five minutes apart.
I figured they were in the direction of the army barracks in Barranduda so perhaps a missile?
I tried my best to take a photo, first on my iPhone, but you couldn't at all see it, then my camera... but again I only had my wide angled lens which has minimal zoom...
I'll scope the picture out tomorrow and see if it's worth posting, I doubt it but.

Point is: Anyone else see it?

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Anonymous said...

The baranduda army barracks is just a training centre i think , no missles there. How far away were they? sure they werent planes?