Monday, December 13, 2010


Went to my great aunties 90th today in Geelong.
Re-met all my second cousins and got on really well with all of them!
Three other 19 year old guys too... anyway...
We've decided we're just going to be cousins from now on haha.
Rowan, Judd, Edwina, Mary, Charlie (has two younger bro's), Amelia, Shae, Kieran, Lachlan (has two sisters- but they live in New york so only him and his mum flew out).
Not to mention Sarah and Jess who were apologies.
But yeah- This is the Cook Family.
(Descendants of Captain James Cook ;)

I sometimes forget I have my Dad's side of the family as well.
Might have to try and catch up with them over Christmas while they're all down.

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