Monday, December 27, 2010


I haven't really talked to anyone for the past two days, just been walking aimlessly in the city with my headphones in listening to Ellington and feeling almost perfectly lonely.
I didn't pay for any of the 20 or so trams I hitched, whoops.
Been thoroughly enjoying reading Kurdt Cobains journals.
It's been fairly inspiring.
Before I jot down some highlights I would just like to say thankyou to my iPhone.
(I took some amazing pictures of city which I'd post if I could- stupid limited blogger- get an app.)
I'm addicted but I don't know what i'd do without you.

The past two weeks I've spent wiggin my life away, the only day i didn't was when I was stranded in wahgunyah after The Trailers gig when my car broke down.
It's amazing how true the law of attraction is. What you put out, you'll get back.
Oh I sold my ute too :)
Basically gave it away/ 1G.
Have over $4000 in the bank which is good.
Drove down to Melbourne for Christmas with Tra an Ed.
They went back Christmas day and I went back to my cousins- Jess took me to come chill with her friends- damn good- brand new $200 dollar cyclone double chamber- so smooth.
Then strawberry blunts. So tasty.
Then went back to my cousins.
Uncle made me watch this wacked out 70's band while I waited for Lora to get home.
Stayed the night in her den.
She's possibly the cutest.
She had to go to work in the morning and I slept in and when I walked out I felt like such a twat- she lives with Josh from Carpathian- and yeah I just randomly stroll into the lounge- hey I'm Judd!
Spent the entire day in the city like I stated before- Caught up with Whitty for an hour, I was meant to go home on the same train as her at 8pm but I changed my train until 12pm today so I could see City Escapes last gig.
They've been one of my favorite bands this year and I've never seen them.
It was too good- the crowd were fucking lame though- fuck bang.
I wanted to fucking mosh my heart out and crowd surf an mic grab but obviously no one else truly appreciates the extreme talent and skills of City Escape like I do.
I'm over going to shows- and playing shows where the crowds not there to feel the music- rather to judge the music- or to fulfill their sceney little needs of being there. The girls there are fairly rank too.
I must have been the only one there without tattoos.
I just thought of a good tattoo idea though.
"Your tattoos are fucking lame".
Anyway- the only girl there without tats was Rachael Glin the little cutie.
Met her randomly a month ago at Stella's as she's Lora's cousin.
We basically spent the night together being legends at bang/in the city.
Alex Tee came and got me and we dropped the glinmeist home and I stayed in Alex's big ass comfy bed.
Made it to the station in time.
Scratched the 1 of my seat number 16 so i didn't have to sit next to this old lady.
Also nailed first class with an Econ ticket.
Got Jake Barry to come join me come Broadmeadows but we had to part at Seymour for different bus's.
Which brings me to the present moment.
A bus. Fuck the bus.
Be home soon.
Hopefully to go bowlin' with the boys.

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