Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If 30 years ago today, my idol and inspiration had not been shot to death-
The impact he would've made on this world by now...
Not just through is legacy- but through his living body.
What would he have to say about today?

If you've never seen this documentary you should really get onto it.

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Ducky Bats said...

In my opinion, humanity is a fucked up unit- we're capable of so much good, and also of so much evil... unfortunately our vices and desires far exceed our want to do the right thing by each other and our planet.

I think that if Lennon was alive today, we would have one more activist vehemently upholding the dying ideas of peace, freedom and love. We'd have one more voice on our side... maybe that voice would be enough to make a difference, and maybe it wouldn't... but I wish there were more people like Lennon in the world.