Monday, December 13, 2010

Jethro's 19th.

So yeah the night before this had a rad sesh at my house with the boys, couple of guests were G and Dougy T.
Then took off too Wang via Beechworth for Jethro's 19th.
The setup was ridiculous- lasers/speakers etc... but like no-one rocked up :( It was awful- not to mention there was an extremely good party happening down the road which most of my friends dogged me for! Haha I went there for a bit but couldn't leave Jethro's!
Then later we went out to Wang Pubs-
Stella, Mark, Hayden, Jeremy, Jethro, Lorin, and the oversea's girl who I now can't think of her name!
Best part was Lora was in town and came out with us!
Then went back to Jethro's to sleep and got a surprise phone call from Lora saying she's coming to get me-
and we got petrol together and had cute/nervous/movie-like moments haha, but only for like five minutes because she had to leave for Holidays!
It ruled my life but.
Maddi and I got cute as photo's ;)
God I love my friends.
I have so many too :) It's the best!

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