Monday, December 13, 2010

Tumblr az

I've really put off getting tattoos for too long now.
I have so many idea's and concepts but I just want everything to be a perfect conceptual layout and that's going to take some time crafting.
So in the meantime I need to just get something I think- I don't care if it means something or not.
But I'm more concerned about where to get rather than what to get.
I've been thinking the inside of my upper arm- but I like the idea of having something drape over my neck/shoulder- not too big... just something different. Hard to explain.
P.s I thought those two pictures reflected the weather lately... in a much more beautiful way.
Then I thought of summer- and how I want tattoo's haha and need to buy a jeep wrangler asap so I have a car in Melbourne.

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