Monday, December 13, 2010

If the best die young...

Then why aren't I dead yet?

I've been obsessed with this idea of dying and the impact I want to make.
It's good though I see the steps I need to take.
It inspires me to be better, to do better, to make the effort with people and to get stuff done before it's too late.
I've noticed heaps lately that it's paying off.
I've seen my name mentioned quite a few times on facebook and formspring- people listening and actually enjoying my music- on tumblr too.
It gives me a great sense of achievement.
I'll be posting another song sometime this week and I really hope the amount of effort I put into this one was worth it and people actually like it.
Thankyou to all those people that send me lovely inbox's and formsprings and wall posts and those who surprise me in real life saying they love my songs... It's seriously great. Thankyou.
But not even music related stuff- people seem to actually like/appreciate me as a person and it's really encouraging to know.
It's sad to think I'm going to be leaving Albury in a couple of months...
It really is an amazing place- I'm so glad I was bought up there.
But time to make my City Escape ;)
These Big City Dreams are what I'm about ;p

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