Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How was your day?

Well, my wake up call was bad news so it didn't really make my day innitially...
I was later rang by my old music teacher Ms. Kernaghan and she asked me if I would record an Albury High school album and to give her a price in the next week, so that lifted my spirit a bit.
Then I spent most the day waiting to get my car, finally did, spent a bit of time cleaning and re-wiring speakers and such...
Had to go to work to help some deaf kid joining the club and then when I came home...
I got Hayden and Sam around for a band prac on our new, new band we're starting... a pop/rock/acoustic band.
It was so good. I taught em buried alive, and its sounding amazing... and then we decided we should try learn covers on top of things so we could play at paddys and stuff, so we learnt 20 Good Reasons...
We have a gig on June 8th at Sanction and we have to do a blink 182 cover if we want to play.
I just walked Sam and Hayd home and we discussed the fact that we were put in the same street for a reason... perhaps this band is what fate has wanted from us all along?
We also discussed tattoo idea's we could all get to represent our neighbourly upbringing love etc.
So my day went from bad to good.
Thanks for asking.

If I was dead?

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