Friday, May 28, 2010

The Welcoming.

The serpents from within awoke from hibernation in a failed attempt to protect me...
From the swooping of the grim vultures had long flown east.
But you've welcomed them back to nest in my skull.
Peck and claw the ligaments of my eyes.
Make sure a blind eye's turned from the cover of darkness that sweeps from their blackened wings.
I've watched these flesh hackers tear up sanity all around me,
It was only a matter of time they smelt the scent of my vulnerability. 
If it's true what I've seen, then it may be true what I hear.
A scattered jigsaw is beneath my feet and if we both refuse to clean it up...
Then someone else will soon enough.
They'll weigh the pieces for what they're worth.
They won't push sharp corners into blunt edges.
We both know the final image anyway...
We just play the roles that the black feathers caged in our heads condone. 
They taught me only to teach you too well.
It's ironic but I can't love them enough to set them free.

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