Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The manifestation of fate.

I've always said that people seem to pop up in my life right when I need something... whether it be answers, information, idea's, companions... whatever the reason being, and whoever the person is... they tend to pop up, we learn from eachother or inspire one or the other and then they sort of drift back out of our lives.
I wrote a blog, actually it was the fourth one I ever wrote, Theatrical Matrix... and I observed this.
I read it back just then and I realised I've come a very long way, I've definitely updated that theory... but stick by the basic idea.
I've talked to alot of people that agree entirely with this, in fact today I almost had the conversation with everyone.
I guess my message for you is... embrace the people who come into your lives, even if the relationship is going to be shortlasted, as it is these encounters that I've found change people in great ways, more so than life long friends.
I also made the observation, alongside Tra and Edwina... that we don't miss people when they're not their, sure it would be great to see them, but we just keep walking through life fine on the inside.
We all felt sort of guilty about this too, but in conversing with the common (lack of) emotion felt a bit more human.

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