Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Remember File2HD? Miss it? Read on...

Ok, I'm gonna keep asking rhetorical for a bit...
Wish you could steal music off myspace from bands that rule but don't have Cd etc?
Well I know some people must because they keep asking me haha :)
WELL! I have the perfect solution for you.

Sounds long and tedious but actually takes like two seconds (plus the song length) if you know what you're doing... I'm just explaining it for n00bs.

What you will need:

1. An AUX(ilary) Cable. (Headphone jack > headphone jack- you can buy these at any car stereo place)

2. A computer with headphone and microphone jack.

3. A music recording program... 
    Windows? Audacity. It's simple/It's free...
    Mac users can use it too but I'd use Garageband.


1. Plug one end of the cable into the headphone jack and the other into the mic input jack.
2. Open up the myspace page or youtube or whatever you want to record and have as an mp3 etc.
3. Open up the Audacity/Garageband etc.
4. Make sure you set preferences so Audio Output is headphone-jack/built-in-output and Input is the Mic jack.
5. Hit record. 
6. Go to myspace page etc and press play.
7. Make sure nothing else (iTunes etc) is playing.
8. When the song finishes, stop recording.
9. Cut the song so it starts/finishes immediately.
9. In garageband "send to iTunes as mp4 etc" and in Audacity "export to wav" and then in iTunes create an AAC version and delete the big WAV file.

Point is it's perfect quality.
If it's too soft or too loud you can either turn the volume up/down (before) you record, or turn the volume down/up in your editing program.

I think you can actually do the same thing without the AUX cord if you fiddle with the settings, but for me, for now, an aux cord is easy enough ;)


Anonymous said...

Actually! You don't even need a cord! Some sound cards have a "Record-What-Your-Hear" option (AKA Stereo Mix/Mono Mix), this basically records whatever comes out of your speakers at nearly exact same quality (not even noticible). Actually, that's how I have Chelsea's Songs, your xYOUxNITx song etc. haha


juddLOCKS said...

Fak i love you.