Thursday, May 6, 2010

My new father:

This post is dedicated to the new person who has popped up in my life and began teaching me and inspiring me in offering his very wise, overly-knowledgeable perspective on life, one which came from many extraordinary experiences.
Recently, as you may know, I've been going to the gym 3 times a week with a man named Troy Gladwell... who I mentioned a while ago.
In slowly beginning to know him he always struck me as someone knowledgeable.
This morning I went to the movies with him and Bryan to see Ironman 2.
Afterwards I drove Troy back to the gym. Had it not been for this car trip we would not have got onto the topic of conversations we did.
It started with him not being able to drive due to his eyesight. He woke one morning at the age of 19 with barely any sight remaining, a rare unfortunate condition. He's since learnt to cope and cope very well with the blurred vision he has, he said its not normal blindness so it's hard to explain... I didn't even know he was remotely blind before that!
He said however it was probably the best thing that could of ever happened to him.
He mentioned he was going nowhere in life fast, and I'm not sure yet what that exactly entails but I know he was at one stage Victorian champion weightlifter and ended up dabbling in steroids, something he wishes he hadn't of done I'm sure... but he's the type of guy to have no regrets as I'm sure he learnt much from it, when his blindness came about it enabled him to experience a completely new and different perspective on life.
Before long we found we shared ALOT in common, in what we knew of and basic characteristics.
I dared to mention how I believe humans were genetically modified by aliens and our chromosome analysis support this and before I could go on, I realised he knew everything I knew and more.
But not just about Aliens and human history... but psychology and physics and quantum physics and religion and his hatred for it and history and individuals from history and sprituality and meditation and string theory and worldly deception.
It actually blew my mind.
I went back to his house afterwards and we continued talking in deep conversation... so beyond the normal small talk it was almost weird, well it was weird... he then showed me all the books he had on all the topics from above and it was crazy! So he leant me two... The God Delusion, simply because its been on my "to read" list for far too long... and another book which deserves another rant:
Troy firmly believes he has been abducted at one stage, he had a strong dream of being overlooked by 3 figures two human, one too shadowy to fully describe but definitely an alien to this earth.
That morning he woke up and his ear was burning. Ever since then he has had a small lump/chip in the top of his ear... he let me touch it and it was definitely abnormal.
He gave me the book "Alien Implants" which is a book written by a doctor who removed... or attempted to remove... these chips from many almost identical cases over the world and analyse them.
Apparently they are made from a substance unknown to this planet.
The first couple of chapters I've read have explained how the chip actually moved further under the skin of the incision to prevent it being removed by the doctor, and on one he did remove, discovered it also had minutely tiny tentacles and was made up of foreign crystals that are more than scientifically possible to transmit a signal.
Troy's daughter Shania, who I coach... came out of the blue one day to him and said she see's aliens and he never even told her of any of his events as he didn't want to do that to her, as kids are impressionable and easily suggesteive, it had also been known to have happened in the family.
Now Troy to you might sound like a qwuak, but I assure you he is the most genuine man I've ever met,
I don't think someone's ever impacted me so greatly so quickly. I hope to only learn more off him and to hopefully teach him some stuff too.
He doesn't have internet but reads about two or three books a week, so I'm keen to introduce him to anything he's missed and hopefully maintain our level of friendship and interaction... which shouldn't be too hard seeing him 3 or more times a week.
Anyway :) Made my my day.

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