Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hypnotism is a natural blessing we've come to laugh at.

Warning: Epic frustrated/informative rant...

A while ago I went and saw Steven Spellmaster...
Ashlea and Joel both were successfully hypnotised... like I'm talking for two hours they were off their lid crazy.
It was hilarious. Hypnotism was something I've always thought I might enjoy doing in life.
Hypnotherapy and hypnotism when applied properly really do work.
I know a few people that have done the quit smoking hypnotism sixty minute program and have literally stopped any craving of smoking almost instantly. 
The more I learn about life and they way it works, they way our thoughts manifest reality I've come to realise that virtually anything is possible.
We've become a world run by greed and fear.
We all think how society trained us to think.
We act and react how society trained us to.
There are no rules, no wrongs, no rights... not until you make them.
That's the thing... you didn't make them... you let someone else make the rules for you.
Society has told us to mourn and fear death instead of embrace and celebrate it.
I've always had a problem with not just illegal drugs but pharmaceutical drugs too...
Most of the time i'd say they're a money scam, they don't work, they are addictive and people become dependent on them as well as a long list of side effects.
Society has trained us to believe we need them when we are sick and because a doctor said to take them they're safe and work.
Because people believe that, because they took a panadol, they will feel better...
that's what the thought acts upon when it manifests reality and that is the final result.
It's placebo. We've all been brainwashed, mindfucked and hypnotised.
We are the perfect suggestible subjects.
I found this lady on youtube, she is a qualified and highly trained and knowledgeable hypnotist/hypnotherapist.
She's a bit wacky at stages but she offers a good amount of her services for free on youtube unlike most, I suggest you watch this video if you are on any medications or anti-depressants or want to quit something etc, or want proof and reason to hate the medical empire as much as I do.
I just hate how materialistic this world is.
How determined we are to remain physical and keep everything impossible and keep the truth and the facts of our body and many other aspects of life and history sound wacky and ridiculous.
Everyday I awaken myself more and more but am getting tired of people remaining living robots,
I can't really make a difference on my own, this calls for collective consciousness and awareness.
Things like telepathy, have been proven, yet do you think we get taught things like that at school?
No we get taught how to live and remain in the physical world.
We're living OUTSIDE of our bodies.
We need learn about our bodies, our brains, our minds, the possibilities, not just the facts but how you might go about using them. It is stuff like that, that should be taught to our kids.
The law of attraction, why isn't that taught at school?
Motivation and inspiration, psychology classes? Alot more useful in my eyes than how to analyse a movie.
Why is it people can show us that it's possible to levitate, produce a high voltage of electricity from within the body, heal cancer just by the power of thought, lift boulders by the use of horns.
Science tells us everything is frequencies... the world goes, 'oh cool', not wow, maybe we should figure out how to change our vibrational frequency to something defies gravity? Something that can resonate into a dimension higher than the third?
Ahh. I swear to god. I wish I could pause life and just think... think and realise how insignificant everything about our lives becomes when your just observing it and not interacting with it.
Take dreaming for instance...We honestly ignore the significance of dreaming in our world.
Do we not realise that we can create such realistic living through thoughts, then life itself could be just a projection and collective design of thoughts? Because that's what it is!
I've always wanted science to experiment with a secluded island... somehow if a baby could raise itself... survive without us setting up anything for it... just what that baby would learn.
Hypothetically of course... would it discover the natural and lost secrets of the body and of life?
Would it be able to fly because it was never told of limitations.
Would it even age and ever die?
Imagine what life might be like if nothing was ever suggested to us.
Anyway... here's that video:

I'll continue this rant anothertime... it's fucking late.
Night robots.


Jimi said...

i've always wanted to see if a group session could actually achieve something? like say we got a group of people and sat down in a circle and all thought the same thing, with no distractions. but only people that actually truly believe that it could work, i.e you, sam wright, me etc. i think we could discover alot about boundaries because that kind of thing is looked down upon as 'weird' or 'abnormal' by society and that could be a way of stopping us from ever trying it, coz society teaches us to learn to be accepted as an image of 'normal' but if we had a group that isnt going to dismiss it i think it will work. same deal with the Ouija how negative thoughts affect it? we must try it one day soon! p.s i love you

S said...

very interesting !

allystuart said...

why do you always watch 5+ minute videos i get way too bored. Hey man im trying to use hypnotherapy to lose weight. lets see if it works.

juddLOCKS said...


Ally I have like hour long mp3's on losing weight if you want them.

Krillz said...

Your views on society that you mentioned within this, pretty much have been one of the mass of thoughts swimming around my darn skull.
Glad to hear someone else agrees.