Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what are your thoughts on the powerbalance bracelets?

Ahh thankyou for reminding me!

Watch this if you don't know what we're talking about... (see bottom)

Well I believe in the whole idea of binaural beats and the frequency they transmit and how it resonates through the brain.
This is slightly different... but either either.
Placebo is a very strong thing.
The human brain and structure has been told it can't all its life... so ironically it takes an object that people believe it will happen TO happen. Quite Ironic... but that's the basis of some medicines I believe... natural tablets especially... ive lost the name but a lecture I watched on TED.COM one time proved that.
So I don't know.
I guess I'm skeptic.

What i'm curious to know but is...
I can produce the frequency of 7.38kz or whatever it was/is... if i put it on, played it... the sound frequency of that... (which is basically binaural beats concept)
Would it have the same effect as these bands?
For free?
I don't see why it shouldn't... in fact... shouldn't it work better?
Since it's directly resonating through the brain?

Remember guys... everything is just frequency.

If I was dead?

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Jimi said...

my friend has one of these and we tested it at school one day and had the same results. its the same with anything i believe. we gave my friend a rolly and said it was a joint and he acted high all night, he didn't even know. he thought it was genuine. which just proves how strong the brain is, it can completely change the way you act without you even knowing.