Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A series of suspiciously coincidental events.

Ok... this is what I mean when i talk of things reaching out to you when you need them or seek their knowledge or perspective.
I'm going to explain the order of events of the previous 3 days.
Spencer Mitchell and I were facebook instant messaging and he has decided he would start researching things so he could join into Sam and I's conversations haha.
Anyway... he through me the name Edgar Cayce.
I gave him a quick briefing and that was all, I then compiled some of his quotes as seen 3 posts ago.
Whatever force it is driving me behind the scenes, it obviously wanted me to look into this man further and I didn't.
So then this morning at the gym with Troy as mentioned below he randomly said, you ever looked into a guy named Edgar Cayce and I misheard him and said no and then I asked again and I was like... Woah.
Explained to him this weird occurrence that I've never heard of the man until last night and he shares the same theory that things come into your life for a reason... anyway... he told me some amazing interesting stuff on Mr. Cayce as he has several books on him, I plan to further research him after this entry.
Then, later that afternoon at work, one of the mums who has just joined the club came up to me and said...
"Would you like a dream book?"
I thought she was having a go at me for daydreaming instead of coaching but then after I laughed I realised she was genuine.
I then asked what she meant.
She then dived straight into fact I might not be having dreams but instead traveling in the astral realms in helping to heal the universe or something and the fact I have been having alien dreams might suggest that I should be looking for more ways to enter the realm or something. It was BIZARRE!
I know for a fact she wouldn't have read my blogs.
She then went on to say how she does dream analysis and she's an aroma healer and that crystals are her life passion and stuff. Mind you this was all in the first minute of conversation.
She then said... Don't you dare tell people what my profession is... !?
Then mentioned something about ley-lines and I was like what?! (I had made myself over enthused in what she was saying as I genuinely was.) She said she'll save it for another time but I went up to her 30 seconds later and she de-briefed me and explained how Albury/wodonga runs in the middle of a ley-line or something and they have lots of energy and power about them or something (I'll research after this further).
I then saw Troy walk in the door and said to him "did you tell (her) that I was interested in weird things of life?"
He said no and that he'd never even talked to her.
He then confirmed what I was already calculating in my head...
That somehow the energy i project obviously attracts back, so whether it be subconscious or conscious, people like her are attracted towards me and vice versa.
The fact she seemed very spiritually aware I literally believe she must of read my mind/energies.
No-one goes up to someone and starts babbling on about being careful when you astral project because she's had astral warriors attack her, and then says something to hint she's insecure about her profession.
Anyway... I really enjoy Troy's comapany lately... he's opened my eyes to alot... like today he said... regarding my ambitions... well what steps are you going to take to get their precisely? And what's going to set us apart and putting me on the spot like that is good. He also made me come to terms with alot about myself... like how being deaf has actually really helped shape me. Then gave me a great perspectives towards my dad and such which I will write a little blog regarding after this. Not so much my dad but how everyone acts how they're told to act by society etc.
I'm really sleepy now actually so I might just get some rest and do some research/blogging in the morning.

A literal tip and direct quote Troy gave me today that I'd like to share as I think it grabs the moral of this story:
"If a book falls from a shelf in front of you it's probably exactly what you're looking for."


Anonymous said...

There is an author Andrew matthews he write books on happiness. In one of his books he goes into more detail about the magnentic forces we create with or thoughts as our energy vibrates in different ways depending on our moods and thoughts as brief as i can make it without losing too much detail what you think every day creates the world around you literally smallest example of this is your friends if you have trust issues you will have friends that break your trust if you share a lot of love and think a lot about love and happiness you will surrond yourself with those people without even relising it. The energy force knows no difference between a negative thought and a positive thought hence why when you say i DONT want to forget this or i DONT want someone to cheat on me when you think it over and over you create that energy you picture exactly what you dont want and you see it happening. This is why its suggested that you say i WANT to remember this or i DESERVE someone who will treat me right. I think its a good way to look at it like when your having a shit day anything that can go wrong with and thats no body elses fault but your own but humans tend to believe life runs differently for each individual and the normal life behave should stop just for them so there life is easier

juddLOCKS said...

'the secret' law of attraction ;)

I like you... who are you?

Jimi said...

thats rad! iv been doing heaps of research on astral projection aswell and its really paid off. that lady also sounds amazing. wouldnt mind knowing who wrote that last response! who ever it was i love you, thats a dang good way of looking at things. ohh and have a look at my blog later tonight coz im gonna post something your gonna be very interested in ;)

Anonymous said...

im the one whos uncle owns a diary farm and believes that not all cows are treated badly.

juddLOCKS said...

xfallenangelx from formspring right? :)