Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fixing, buying, selling.

I have alot of things I've been trying to do lately.
Yesterday I made a new doggy door in the wooden door and it seriously has kept the house so much warmer!
I also took the bass amp to get fixed.
Then had a Battle of the Bands meeting.
> Please come and say "The Trailer" at the door!<
Then next day I went and got the bass amp and while I was in the music shop I may have bought a new guitar, I fell in love with it and I've played it all night, it can sound better than an acoustic or like a nice rock electric... perfect! I also retrieved my electric drum kit I  got off doug ages ago in return for a pair of jeans from the shed. Ash and I spent a fair while setting it all up.
I had work and then after that I spent even more time setting it up perfectly and fixing things, however while fixing things I broke the the crash, I could fix it if I had a solder kit, but yeah the plan is to hook it up to garageband via midi and yeah :)
I also need to sell my real drums ($200 ono)
and even if someone wanted to buy my warlock guitar ($100 ono) I also need to sell my ute asap! ($2500 ono).

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