Friday, June 4, 2010


And this is why I'm doubting ever buy another apple product again...

Every person featuring on this needs a bullet, or at least a good slap in the face.


Anonymous said...

Apple products are taking over the world. The comment of how it has such a large screen so you can view more of the web umm my monitor is bigger than that. What a stupid comment. I deffinatly dont want an ipad and i hate anyone who thinks they want one they only do because its something 'new and different that has never been done before' My brother had a touch screen laptop a couple of years ago and the iphone is pretty much the same but smaller they have just combined two things NOTHING ABOUT IT IS NEW! people are fucking idiots >.<. Rant finished.

juddLOCKS said...

One word:


Jimi said...


Phil said...

I agree and disagree.

Firstly, someone i know owns an ipad, and ive used it. So i am actually in a position to place an opinion. First of all, yes, the video hypes up a product and they use buzzwords and egotistical bullshit, and while the video is really, well, ridiculous, the point is, they are right.

Apple and most likely other intelligent human beings know that there is not a NEED for the ipad. The ipad was not designed to be a solution to a problem.

Above said that the product is not 'new'. This is true, but its also a clever move. For example, those say the ipad is just a big ipod touch. Correct, it has many of those features. Why, because if you pick up an ipad, you already know how to use it.

Its a device for those who are not computer people, there is no start button, you dont need to know how to install things, as with most apple prodcuts it just works. While it may not be for you or i, there is someone out there who just wants to get a couple of emails a day from the family, look at pictures and browse the web a little. They dont want to fork out money for a computer and have to set it up and protect it from virus. you just tap what you want. and you are in.

As for browsing the web, while its not on a big screen, how much of what you do on the web is? Anyone who uses facebook knows there are two big white bars on the left and right. The Ipad shows you the same content without the whitespace, plust its got incredibly smooth webscrolling and its nice use your fingers to navigate the net.

Apple is worth alot of money, and they didn't get where they are today making bad or useless products, they are smart and they know what consumers want.