Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Why the fuck do I exist?
I just don't get the point in this 3D world.
I feel so pointless when I stop from all my petty distractions and just think.
Sometimes I'm just over living.
Then I say to myself, maybe the point of this superficial world is to think... and realise that there is no point to all this, and kill yourself to pass a test...?
I don't know, anythings possible.
I just wish some light would shine...
It's like when you're in Maths class and you have no inspiration to learn an equation because you don't see the point in it as you're never going to ever need it.
I need the teacher to then suggest a long list of highly unlikely possibilties for me to gather any remote inspiration- and that's what I'm doing my whole life, with all my beliefs, hopes and ideas.

Dear 'Higher Source of Intellegence', 
if you exist... Please help me.
Dear Judd,
Love the Universe.


Undefined said...

I feel the exact same way about this.
And sometimes i just sit there for ages wondering what the hell is the point of all this? why am i here? I thought it was just me thinking this.
When you find out please let me know!?

lorien said...

"if life is just matter, why does life matter"

yeah read that from a church signnnn :) its true though. never thought crazy god people would have such cool quotes on their boards

juddLOCKS said...

What makes you think Life Matters but?

It's easy to make faith depending comebacks because they can't be argued against because we literally don't know and we're smart enough to know we don't know whereas they think they know and God has given us a purpose.

Life is just matter... and it CAN matter.

I personally get the idea that this 3rd dimensional world schools and filters us into our coming life.
But that's just a bullshit guess.
Because we don't know if life has a purpose or if it's just a lucky experience.