Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lady Gag.

I've never liked Lady Gaga.
If I did believe in the whole Illuminati thing, then I would definitely agree that she's their puppet.
But all I can say is there isn't a coincidence in all the symbolism etc.
She's well aware that she's pulling off the occult-ish act, or if she's too dumb, then her director is well aware.
All her "little-monsters" are way to retarded, brainwhipped and stubborn to realise though I'd imagine. - A good breif, but there's alot more.
Call me paranoid but I fear the what's in water (like fluoride has been shown to decrease brainwave activity), food, how we get taught in our education systems, what our government tries to keep from us and  especially what media does to this society.

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