Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I wish Michael Jackson hadn't of died...

Because I never really had to hear about the drug fucked, skin fucked freak while he was alive.
I'm watching a documentary on Michael Jackson regarding the child molester accusations.
I've never liked Michael Jackson, music or character...
Too be honest I think he's a complete nutcase and can't stand looking at him.
But yeah I never really believed he actually molested kids, I thought it was a blackmail scam...
That's what everyone tries to basically say... so much "evidence" they get to prove this which you definitely believe but then the Californian police detective had his chance to speak and fully nailed and disproved all the now obvious bluff proof.
Like he said, what 35 year old man insists that the 13 year old sleeps in the same bed?
Not the same room... but under the same covers. Stupid!
He just assured his innocence by quoting the bible... Latoiya Jackson is convinced he's guilty.
Eww can't believe I wrote a post about Michael Jackson.
But does an innocent man pay $2,000,000 to make it all go away?

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Anonymous said...

I agree!
and it was 20 million hahahaha