Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ouija Board Insight.

I've been asked alot lately for my advice/opinion and experience with Ouija Boards.
I've done too many of them to count and have conducted a fair few experiments with it.
The first time I did it I shat myself... anyway, this isn't so much about my experiences, just outlining the basics.

Ok...first of all... rule number one and golden rule!

1. Don't fear.

There is nothing that is going to happen to you, other than you learning alot and re-evaluating values.

All the web stories are almost always U.S citizens who are also fed lies on church each sunday about black magic and hell and demons being evil and all that bullshit.

My beliefs have changed and become sure then unsure... so I'm still a tad unsure...
But here's the (possible) conclusions I have in brief:

1. There are actual souls in the 4th dimension (It's almost the inbetween realm of where we are and where "heaven" or the 5th dimension is, they're the ones you're most likely going to encounter as they're still alot more attatched to the 3D world, in saying that I believe you could contact a 5th dimension being also- Dimension where I believe aliens live amoungst and ascended souls where the worlds still have a sense of physicality but they are completely in control... 

2. Our subconscious minds are inter-connected and those gathered around actually subconsciously create such exact movements, idea's and beings.

3. A bit of both.

4. It's complete utter nonsense/coincident/purposely done.

Now to get started you'll need a ouijia board... Easy to make.
A plachette.... easy to improvise. I use a sugar lid (clear plastic/glass lid)
And I usually use 3 candles... (supposedly provides energy for them, although its not vital but it defs seems to help them- again could be a mental thing)

they say "white" to be pure but I think it's all nonsense, stuff like that is in your head... if thats what you believe then that's what will happen, so if you do believe white candles are safe use white candles haha

Now you almost need to get everyone into a meditational state...
I usually get everyone to hold hands, close eyes and first get everyone to imagine a a bubble of pure protective energy around your house.... and then eventually have them tighten it in around your room.
Then I ask our spirit guides to help us/guide us and protect us from any evil spirits and thank them.
(Evil spirits are all pussys, lol I try to get adolf hitler and stuff and the most they do is circle the board over 666 and other things, if you do feel you have a demon "following" you afterwards, then I promise you its in your head... a demon within your head... fear... remember thoughts manifest into reality so think only positive etc)

Then you want to basically have four people touch the plachette lightly with two fingers and ask if there are any spirits in the room/ call upon a spirit... 
" I call upon the spirit of ........ .......... " 

They say "ooh dont open invite spirits!" but I say, fuck that... the more the merrier.

From there you usually have to wait a bit... can be 2minutes- can be 25 minutes....
eventually the spirit will 'gather enough energy' from those touching the plachette and candles etc to be able to move the plachette.

It seems ridiculous, but just go with the flow.

When a spirit comes to talk... first establish who it is and if its someone you apparently know, have them prove it in a way that only the person who knows them can know- also try have them not even touching the plachette for full effect.

Sometimes it seems like gibberish and usually I presume there are two or more spirits competing for control of the board, although... it seems a little/ dumb if you will haha so ask for a particular spirit only to speak.

Also keep checking/asking how many spirits are with you.

Some spirits are stronger and some people give more energy to the board.

I've had some pretty insane and 'too good to be true' things happen... like the time Sam and I were in the room and were the only two with any knowledge of Annunaki beings, and neither of us were on the board and it started citing facts only we knew and we weren't moving it!

But I've had equally boring and frustrating moments that just make me lose complete belief in it all.

Remember if you have an unwanted spirit you simply and sternly say...
"Goodbye" and they seem to be forced to go to the "goodbye" on your board and leave.

They can help you, you can help them.

This is fairly in depth, but alot of what I'm saying is still very unexplained so forgive me and just trust me/find out/decide for yourself.


Take it or leave it.

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