Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Trailer

Rowand Taylor Photography.
Taken inside Guadeloupe house, the old orphanage etc.
This is my new Pop/Rock band.
Couldn't be better :)


allystuart said...

i though jaxy was in it?

Rachel said...

GOD! this is soooo freakin coool!

Anonymous said...

Haha, fuck yeah! Next time you're down in Melbourne text me and I'll take you to an Abandoned Mental Asylum in the northern suburbs. Freaky shit about that place. There's blood on the walls, torn down and everything. Not in as neat as condition as this though haha.


That's it :)

In saying that, nice fucking photo :) Can't wait to hear your stuff (Y) It looks like it's gonna be friggin' good! Check out Jake's solo shots on Rowands Flickr account. ;)

- Xander

scorp said...

sam ham should be a model.. pic looks sweet as boys!