Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My best friends.

Most people figure a true best friend is someone who accepts them for who they are, but that's dangerous garbage to believe.
The kid who works the drive-thru at your local fast-food restaurant accepts you for who you are because he doesn't care anything about you.
But a true best friend holds you to a higher standard.
A true friend brings out the best in you.
A best friend will tell you the truth... and a wise best friend will include a healthy dose of perspective.


Megan Yonson said...

i loveeee you juddlocksss god i wish i saw you everyday of my life!!!! they were the best times.

juddLOCKS said...

How can someone "dislike" this blog?! :(

If you don't agree for whatever reason, please explain why.

Megan: I love you severely. Need my dose of megan asap.

Phil said...

I agree with this in every way, especially the healthy does of perspective point. Friends should not be 'yes' men.