Thursday, June 17, 2010


Ok the rain was just thundering like no tomorrow... but then something really weird happened... it was like something was above our house... it wasn't a plane and it sounding like scraping but it wasn't the roof and I thought it was thunder but it never really ended so I've been fucking shitting myself waiting for aliens to walk into my room as the book i'm reading is all real stories of peoples encounters with other beings, anyway my mum just came in and she heard it too and was freaked out. Ahh :s Did anyone else hear it or was it just my house?

Edit: My mum is convinced she had a huge UFO above her roof and I agree that it came from towards her end of the house not mine as I was looking between the gap of my door thinking... ahh fuck... We didn't tell Edwina until the next morning and she said she woke up at 2.20am when it happened from a dream she was being dragged.
It really was a sound/feeling like dragging/scraping... very hard to explain but it wasn't thunder and just before it happened it rained REALLY hard and then stopped and then thats when we heard it.


Ella said...

Wow wow wow. This is so weird. Like 2 or 3 nights ago I had the exact same thing happen! It sounded so close, like I was literally shitting myself cause I thought a plane was going to crash into my house or something! Then the next night the same thing happened but it was while I was sleeping and the sound kind of incorporated itself into my dream and it stopped like 2 seconds after I woke up. Craaaaazy! Specially since I live in MELBOURNE!

Anonymous said...

whats the book called that your reading?