Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Man, been talking to Troy for a good 3.5 hours.
He gave me a lot to think about and offered a fair bit of great advice.
As well as our usual chats about crazy cool stuff.
I just have to remember the advice he's given me and apply it.
He also gave me three more books on top of the three I haven't had a chance to get stuck into...
One is a grieving advice book, another is self matters- creating your life from the inside out- rather than outside in, which is what we all foolishly and unknowingly do, and the last one is a book on relationships... I have a lot to learn.


Anonymous said...

Would you be able to post list of some of these books you've read and what they are about and what you thought of them, just think it would be interesting.

juddLOCKS said...

Yeah definately!

How about- Once I finsish these six or so... I'll do a full review and what not.