Sunday, October 17, 2010

Silver lining in the sky, now I know what you are.

I know everyone deals with things differently, but there's definitely no excuse for taking your anger out on people you love- I would think after all that's happened you would be pulling the ones you love as close as you can.
You can be negative or you can be positive.
You can be selfish or you can be selfless.

The more positive you are- the more positive people respond to you and in turn that makes you feel better.

Just don't take the opposite path:

The more negative you are- the more negative people respond to you and in turn that makes you feel worse.

Although it's hard to help... when you're feeling down you just want to feel even more down, you've just got to realise you're taking the wrong path and do everything you can do to get back on the right path.

Remember life can be taken so very suddenly- don't leave someone or have someone leave you in bad terms.

I realised that if I died a week ago, or even today- there's so much I haven't accomplished- I haven't lived, I haven't tried- so many friends I haven't made- so many compliments I haven't given- so many words I've left unsaid- relationships I hadn't mended;
I've been trying to live my life to the fullest as cliche as it sounds-
I want to make an impact.
I don't want to merely exist, i want to live.

Please wake up with me.
There's so many dreams we need to fulfil.

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