Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can't sleep.

Can't stop coughing, so over this cold.
I came to the conclusion I'm just going to stay up all night because if I fall asleep the likely hood of me hearing my alarm is very unlikely.
I've got singing lessons at 11, then I'm going to go and visit Troy as I haven't seen him in three weeks...
Three rather full on weeks at that.
I saw him briefly yesterday and he was like how you been and I was like, oh a bit of an up-down roller-coaster and he said make sure you put an end to that or it can turn into a permanent form of depression/anxiety- I can so understand that- But he didn't understand what I meant exactly because it turns out the text I sent him about why that might be the case didn't send through.
I have been fairly positive I reckon, I slip briefly.
Looking forward to his advice and what not, but at the same time dreading it.
I know deep down what the right thing for me to do is, but there's that huge part of me that can't bring myself to admit it or commit to it, but I think it's best if I just go with the flow, live in the moment.
Haha but speaking of the future... I'm keener than ever to get down to melbourne to live.
I need to hand in my resume at addeco/mars and work night shifts with Jeremy and get rich.
My aim is to be in melbourne by my birthday come April, hopefully sooner.
We had band prac tonight, or last night I should say haha
It seriously went off... it's like all of a sudden we got pro.
Everything was tighter than size 6 skinny jeans.
It was the first time I really looked forward to recording Disclosure.
So we're now trying to find a good place to record in Melbourne and get this shit done.

Also, I don't know what's going on but everyone, well almost everyone, has been so extraordinarily lovely lately... I've never been given so many amazing compliments and gratitude from people than the last 3 week, so thankyou to all those facebook inbox's/requests/wall-posts, formsrpings and all the real life compliments... you guys have really inspired me and made me feel good.
I <3 you all.

My eyes are hurting. I'm fucked! haha it's 7am ... . . ....... NOW!
I just realised... I don't cough when my heads in an upright position.
Might as well try and jam 1.5 hours sleep in!

Oh and also... wait- i forget. haha bye.

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