Monday, October 25, 2010


So I went down to Melbourne with Hayden and Jeremy for Centuries band prac which Jez is drumming for... something or other meant the vocalist couldn't make it so I might just possibly be the new vocalist.


Wouldn't mind. Bit of moshcore in the mix.
Especially considering there first show at the castle on the 19th of November is probs gonna sell out,
featuring Dream On Dreamer, Hand of Mercy, Vultures, and Trainwreck.
Not bad. I'm pretty much excited as a nugget just thinking about that.
It'd be a good as kick start my life in melbourne.
Get to know people, have people get to know you... nice.

Anyway check em out:

Obviously not my vocals- although I could easily make myself sound like that, I don't think that's what they're after.

Lost $50 dollars at crown... but it was a good learning experience ok!
Next time I plan on re-claiming that $50 haha.
The whole night in the city was a flonk, didn't get let in multiple times due to everything being so stupidly packed. God I hate driving in the city- not that it's hard- I just hate finding parks- wouldn't mind just tramming/riding etc.
Also bought these- $120 :s but I badly needed new clothes- I barely ever spend money on clothes ok! I just love "Sumi" shop. The singlet is made out of rad-wrinkley material, nique.
But yeah- I need to start saving... I got paid $100 the other day for recording Marshall via the school- plus I have another $500 dollars coming from them for the album. 
Anyway- I'm trying hard to move on and forward in life at the moment.
Catchya cunts!

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