Monday, October 18, 2010

Marijuana and Me.

Followers of my blog may have realised my huge interest in drugs.
It's been 19 and a half years, I've never drank alcohol , I've never done any drug other than happy gas at the dentist (which I might add was one of the best moments in my life haha).
As you may have realised the past year or so I've developed a strong longing to experiment with Marijuana, Mushrooms, DMT.
It's only those 3 drugs I class not damaging, but enlightening.
Alcohol, nicotine, amphetamines... speed, ecstasy, meth, heroine- are all damaging drugs... (Hell! I even avoid nurofen/panadol and any medication for as long as I can take pain.)
They are physically damaging, mentally damaging and most are addicting.
If I was to do any of those drugs it wouldn't be alcohol or nicotine.
That should give you an idea of my thoughts on alcohol and smoking-
On a sidenote- just because I think it's pointless and stupid, doesn't mean I don't condone others doing, I used to, but I've come to realise people should be able to do whatever they want, we all have different philosophies on life- none of them are (in)correct either.

(Disclaimer: Don't attack me with any straight edge sellout bullshit, I have never once claimed edge.)

For me, it's about perception. Enlightening myself to the way I work, they way the world works, they way our brains/minds work.

I'm going to first tell you about my experiences, motivations, conclusions, idea's, future plans and what not... Lets start with motivation.

Every person I look up to either endorses weed or has done it.
To name a few off the top of my head: Joe Rogan, John Lennon, Christofer Drew, Michael Brierely, Bill Hicks. I even had the House Vs Hurricane singer say to me: "If you want to make it anywhere... smoke a fuckload of weed." All my favourite songs were written whilst high.
These people are all living my dream. They all endorse marijuana.
They are all successful people, they are not lazy couch potatoes, the stereotypical idea of a pothead.
The difference is:
People don't become deadshits because they smoke marijuana, they are deadshits who smoke marijuana- for the wrong reasons and give it such a bad name.
Someone said to me a while ago, don't expect to be able to write a good song just because you're high...
I think I've already demonstrated I have the capability to write songs while I'm normal, I just find it a frustrating task, like I literally get back aches due to creative stress... I hope that I'll be more zoned into what I'm doing and creating whilst high.
I know almost everyone has tried it, has everyone become a pothead? No.
Have you tried it? Yes? Well I hope you don't mind if I learn through experience aswell.
I want to feel what it's like to be not in control of my body.
I want to see what the worlds like from an altered perception.
Life is too short not to at least try things, and I mean within reason...
Weed/mushrooms/dmt has never killed a single person... ever.
Every other drug? Kills hundreds of thousands a year.
Which one is illegal?
That right there is the fucking proof you're all retarded.

This is proven propaganda.
You have the product, Hemp...
The most amazing easily-renewable product for so many things, oil, paper, plastic etc.
Then you have your corporations who saw the threat of this product.
This is back in the day, Reefer Madness and other films were made to portray the newly/wrongly termed "marijuana" into an evil drug.
The truth is, it is the exact opposite.
You don't rape and kill on weed, you're generally happier and nicer.
This "evil" plant, if legalised could help our environment tremendously, solve world hunger, possibly wake our whole society up to all the ignorance that surrounds us.
Every "anti-drug" campaign is funded by none other but the alcohol/cigarette companies...
How's that for Irony?
Why? Because they don't want marijuana legalised because it would mean people would decrease their sales in alcohol in choosing marijuana as a replacement form of a mind-altering drug.
A much friendlier, safer one at that too.
Don't believe me? Do your research.
The even dumber thing thing is if marijuana was legalised the government could place a tax on it and therefore make profits on it, it would also free so many otherwise innocent prisoners.
Not only governments and corporations, but now the victims of such propaganda create their own lies...
Parents and what not blatantly lying about what it does to you- how it turns you into a complete no-hoper and what not.
You don't get addicted to marijuana, not physically...
Just like you can get addicted to texting, wanking, eating, you can get addicted to marijuana,
unlike nicotine/heroine which is a chemical addictive to the brain.

After realising how easily life can be taken, and a day of floating in the weir all day contemplating life...
I didn't remotely have any motivation preventing me from smoking it.
The first attempt came as a shock to my throat haha but six cone attempts later and I felt no different.
Just after I decided it was doing nothing I ate an orea and lost my shit, I remembered my oreo video I made and couldn't stop laughing.
Feeling completely normal... just laughing like a git.
After composing myself, the things I observed about myself was that I was very in the moment.
There was only the moment- the past/future didn't exist for me.
Because of that I was having a great time.
Nothing mattered, I was just enjoying the moment of life.
I was also very fast on my reactions, if someone was talking I would already know where they were going and I even found myself laughing at jokes that I could see were about to stated.

Next experience I again felt like I was in the moment and at the peak of it I thought my head was a balloon and my neck was the string and I was light and just blowing in the wind which was a really cool feeling- I mean I knew I wasn't a balloon but I just embraced it.
I also laughed and had a good time- which I probably wouldn't have had otherwise due to insecurities.
I also found myself... not funnier, but comfortable enough to express my funny side which I don't usually express unless I'm comfortable with the people around me.

It really does nothing much, it's awful reputation is ridiculous.
I didn't feel at all impaired- in fact, while driving I felt so much more zoned it to driving... I know I shouldn't have driven and if you've never smoked it before you're probably looking at me like I should be in jail just like a drink driving crime- but I was honestly driving better, and that's not my altered state saying that- besides I knew it was barely in control of my actions by this stage, was well past any peak.
I also found myself in no mood for sitting and watching tv... I just wanted to do stuff.
It played 0% negative effect on me.

I want to try it in different circumstances and situations...
I want to play a gig higher than a giraffes pussy, I think that would be glorious haha
I want to experiment with my creative side.
That's about all... Then I'd be keen to do some serious tripping on mushrooms and then DMT...
I don't think you realise but DMT would be the ultimate experience for my existence.
I also want to prove everyone wrong.
I am not/will never become a druggo/deadshit and I will make myself into someone worth having known.
I will die knowing I haven't been a complete pussy whipped bitch to experience.

I don't do things to keep people pleased, I don't care what you think about it because all that matters is what I think. Worry about yourself before you worry about me.
This is nothing to worry about.

I am Judd always have been, always will be.


Anonymous said...

Marijuana smoke contains three times the amount of tar found in tobacco smoke and 50% more carcinogens.

juddLOCKS said...

I only smoked pure green.
What tobacco kentttt!?

Anonymous said...

my best friend got schizophrenia due to consistent marijuana use. also, he was not a 'druggo or pot head'

juddLOCKS said...

^ That is bullshit.

You need to do your research on schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...


juddLOCKS said...


Anonymous said...

Judd, what that chick said isn't 'bullshit'

you aren't as educated as you think you are on this.

Marijuana (and any drug for that matter, excluding lsd maybe?) has a direct impact on the chemical balance of the brain. Especially when abused, or not used correctly. So don't go claiming 'bullshit', it's called stimulant or chemical psychosis.

After the countless years of calling yourself poison free or whatever (not an edge slur or anything) it's just really hypocritical that you preach all this, and talk shit about people drinking and smoking and then backflip.

that's what's wrong with society, people are fucking spineless, when it becomes the 'cool thing to do', they all do it.

I'm not anti drugs, but seriously, there is nothing worse than an uneducated, preaching hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Use of marijuana/hash/cannabis has been linked with significantly increased probability of developing schizophrenia.
This link has been documented in over 30 different scientific studies over the past 20 years. In one example, a study interviewed 50,000 members of the Swedish Army about their drug consumption and followed up with them later in life. Those who were heavy consumers of cannabis at age 18 were over 600% more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia over the next 15 years than those did not take it.
Experts estimate that between 8% and 13% of all schizophrenia cases are linked to marijuna / cannabis use during teen years.

Anonymous said...

I like weed. I like it a lot.
I don't smoke it very often, but there is a significant difference between marijuana and every other drug. It is 'doing' heroin, 'doing' acid, 'doing' ecstasy. It is smoking pot. It's not a drug, really. Alcohol is going to fuck your brain over harder than pot.
When you're high, it's like you're dreaming you're awake, or like you're seeing things and feeling things and hearing and tasting and smelling things without feeling the need to absorb yourself in it. It's like being pure, without any fucking bullshit in the way.
ANYWAY. that's my opinion, I guess. I've read a lot of shit but nobody, nobody can preach for either side of ANY argument until they've tried it. and I've tried everything.