Sunday, October 31, 2010

Girls Lie.

Drove up to Melbourne yesterday, it rained like a motherbitch!
Got to my G-pez and went and had coffee/chills with Alex Tee and Whitney Holden...
They're awesome.
This morning went to see my Grandad in hospital- and the cheeky thing pretended not to know my mum haha and my mum was in tears (as the past two weeks he's lost his marbles) but then proceeded in quickly letting her know he was joking.
He's a lot better- told us all about his crazy hallucinations he'd been having- sounds amazing really!
I love how intrigued he was about how powerful the mind is, the way he described things sounded like DMT.
I recorded one of his stories but I'll review it and see if it's postable.
Anyway he's looking on the up which is really good.
What a funny fella he is.
Then went to westfield- wandered around for ages on my own just being rad and eating sushi and stuff and being stalker on my jbhifi crush haha and then made a stronger friendship with the guy from the rad "sumi" clothes shop and turns out he goes to SAE uni for audio engineering and yeah-
I really need new shoes, as I only bought my slippers and they have holes in them and in the wet that's no good, but I couldn't bring myself to buy a pair of vans- they look good on other people but I hate looking down at them they look like clown shoes, plus they're like $80 too expensive.
Speaking of $80 too expensive- I bought another shirt from Sumi haha some melbourne label Truth/Dare, it's rad and bought another XL top from dangerfield, just acid wash. XLarge is pathetic these days... I just want BIG TOPS not stupid fucking waistlengths. Although the girls lie top is xlarge, it's still pretty small- but too rad not to buy. Bad pictures to judge by haha look at me- filling the hole in my heart with materialism... no no! I just really am over all my clothes.

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