Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ancient Aliens- The Best TV Series Everrrr!

Open up your minds and explore these other perspectives and they'll most definitely change yours.
Are you aware of awareness?
Really think we're the only planet with sustained life? Watch all these and you're bound to think otherwise. Join in helping raise our awareness, our collective consciousness... just like I believe aliens and maybe even ancient civilisations have ascended into higher dimensions.
There are some really interesting theories and possibly even evidence in these series... Some I had never even thought or heard of.

I'm just posting the first part of each episode, you can just click part 2 etc in the related videos at the end.

Chariots, Gods & Beyond: Part 1/10

The Evidence: Part 1/9

The Visitors: Part 1/9

The Mission: Part 1/9

Closer Encounters: Part 1/9

The Return: Part 1/9

Disclosure has begun.


Ducky Bats said...

My friend got me to watch this series a while ago.

Some interesting subject matter, and some really cool points made, but some of it was a bit far-fetched,
E.g. the "plane" was clearly NOT aerodynamically sound and the flying model would have had to have been modified greatly to actually be made to fly.

Either way, glad you enjoyed it.. oh, and ignore the fuckwits, keep blogging! I find your posts highly entertaining! :D

juddLOCKS said...

I think you need to re-watch the plane bit...
They didn't change the design at all... just made it bigger scale and obviously didn't make it out of gold like the figurine, I've seen a whole docu dedicated to those planes... it's legit my friend!

Thanks Darcie!
Long time no see!