Thursday, August 12, 2010

We make plans and God laughs.

Troy quoted that yesterday when Madison and I went to visit him, already I've found myself saying it under my breath observing a variety of situations.
All people, all ego, all anticipation, all blame and no acceptance.
Tonight I applied some of my understandings into helping a young girl at swimming going through a rough time.
I just tried to offer her some perspective and I think/hope she appreciated it...
It's hard to tell with those things... Something I said could be that pivotal moment of change in one's life for the better, or it could go straight over their head.
That's why I'm really trying to feed off Troy's every word... and he has many words, just ask Madison... she experienced it ;)
He's so good at pointing things out to me, he is Jones from the noticer...
He notices, he offers perspective.
I don't think I could ever quite repay him for the path he's set me on.
Book after book he's slowly broadening my awareness and understanding on things I would never have though of... If I think I'm not narrow minded now just wait a few months.
I'm going to quote him again from memory, something he said yesterday that hit home;
"All my life I've labelled myself 'a seeker'... I don't claim to know everything or anything, I'd just say I have a better understanding" - Troy Gladwell.
I joked and said to Madison I should become his Deciple and maybe one day he'd be Jesus.
He gave me a list of books he wouldn't mind me tracking down on the web as he doesn't have a computer/net... they're all phycology books.
I'm loving the book I'm reading at the moment... "Rich Dad Poor Dad".
Already it's got me thinking and scheming in my head.

Madison stayed at mine for four nights it was awesome. I thought these photo's were shit but they actually turned out alright. Did I mention I got my new lens? I'll post a new blog of new lens photo's soon, the below isn't 50mm, but there's a couple on madisons facebook in which I used it.

Scarlett just jumped up on me and is now above the screen on the higher shelf staring at me. Cutie.
I've been a bit sick lately but my life has been drenched with music which has been splendid.
I'm keen to record some vocals, hoping to wake up with a non-sore throat tomorrow.
Recorded three ahs artist now, it's been really good for everyone and great exposure for me, I'll be uploading a few of the songs soon in which I'll post a link if anyone even reads this shit.
My facebook strike has been going alright.
One week.
I will use it again, but it'll be in very small doses, I need to start being a man of action, an ambassador for life...
not facebook.
Also... Soundwave 2011... Nevershoutnever and The Maine are playing... oath!
Ps. The Maine's new album rules just as much as all their old stuff.

Oh and everyone *glares at tumblr photo stealers* Rowand has made a blogspot to put up his film photo's and lifestyle photo's so follow him and give him some credit yeah? He's an amazing photographer and person... 

He took this the other day after breaking into a small window at Guadolope and taking some snaps on his new film cam.
I'm the regrowth king and proud of it.

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