Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Recording Central.

Lately if I haven't been recording my bands I've been recording other bands.
Sleepwalker did an unplanned two track demo with me which hopefully they'll be posting on their myspace soon.
Sam "Surrender" Wright recorded some vocals to his hip-hop track... Check it!
Also today was the first session/track of the Albury High School album which I'm recording.
Jimi Fischer went first which was good as we're good friends and it was chill and a good test run of how I will operate things.
I've spent 11hours on this song haha so please tell me what you think quality wise and musical wise to Jimi!
I posted it on hope you don't mind James!
I love it :)
But yeah... 11 more songs to go... far out!
$500 dollar I'm getting will be all to well earned I think.

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