Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've been driven insane.

*WARNING: Long offensive rant*
Can everyone just shut the fuck up, take a breath from their terribly lame facebook chitchat. It's all meaningless complete utter bullshit! If you're gonna keep everyone updated every two seconds on how you're feeling, get a blog- or a diary for all that gay crap you shouldn't want people to hear.  If you're going to sarcastically bitch or confusingly moan just so people ask "what?"/"who?" get a formspring (  same for all those ancient "like this and I'll knight you with my all so important piece of mind so you can sleep at night getting a cheap easy compliment" status's.
Webcam default photo takers- stop uploading a new identical photo every two days- you only get the exact same ohmygodyouresobeautiful&♥'s comment from the same people doing it! Go back to myspace! Just because you're not saying 'pc4pc' doesn't make it alright!
Please refrain from popping up on my facebook chat with your pointless smalltalk, I'd rather get to know someone in real life- but knowing they're not "hey man whatzup" culprits. Stick to msn with all your other pointless smalltalkians.
Same goes for when I'm down the street, minding my own, when someone insists on stopping for the old "so you working these days?". Far out we left school and haven't talked since, why would you pretend to care you're interested in what I'm up to!?
What else that shits me is the roles we play in society and don't realise we're playing- they wear me out like no other: the customer/worker roles we immediately subconsciously display- the adult/child roles- teacher/student etc- they're just all forms of hierarchy we continue to carry out... It's so fake. Why not actually get to know someone rather than share a happy moment facade?
Ive been doing it lately at work and I've seriously been loving work! Rather than having swimmers and me being the coach I now have friends- we laugh, we help eachother, it's not fake and it's given me so much energy.
To continue my rant: high maintainance friends- just take it easy. If everyone was a HMF then I'd only have 1 small group of friends. Rather I have a huge variety of friends who don't need my constant attention and when we see eachother it's awesome, we don't miss eachother until we see eachother.
It might be hard to believe that you can actually have friends in multiple groups/genres etc when you're not constantly judging the bad in someone, but I do, and I'd like to share myself with them.
As much as I like to be social, I'm in a huge rush to get things done in my life before it's too late and constant hangouts aren't moving me forward.
Another things that pisses me off are money owers. For a kid who doesn't drink alcohol I shouldn't be told to get 100 dollars grog with my own money only to be be apparently met with money and hear the old "no this guy has the money get it off him".
Another thing: people who whinge about not having money but don't do anything to get some more money.
Same as girls whinging they're fat and don't do anything about it other than talk about diets and exercise and who usually aren't even fat to begin with. People who can't commit to things like: I'm going to grow my hair long- oh but I have to keep cutting the split ends! "but my hair-dresser said" fuck hairdressers!
Tell me anyones actually ever walked out happy of a hairdressers and I'll be damned. It's very easy to cut your own hair. Haven't you worked out if they were smart enough to become a hair dresser then their smartness with working on your head might be of similar skill. I don't mean to sound all judgmental and stereotypical but enoughs enough! If you're not happy with what they do and the advice they give why do you continuously pay alot of money for them to do it!? Same can be said for products that don't work, governments that don't work, jobs/friends/the list goes on... It's madness.

Isn't the definition of insanity literally: to do something receptively and expect a different outcome?
Judging ourselves by that notion I'd say we're all insane in almost everything we continue to do that doesn't make us happy (and I mean long lasting, un-materialistically driven happiness).


Anonymous said...

after disliking this i read your other post saying explain why you dislike it lol so i will :)
i agree with a lot of what you have written about, but people whinging about money is kind of the same thing about you whinging about all of this stuff. With the facebook thing, yes it is very annoying and i get angry about it at times as well but sometimes people's problems are that they don't get noticed so their way of getting noticed is by doing shit like that. With down the street stuff, maybe the people are just interested in how things have worked out for you. This is just a guess but all people have different skills, so maybe they go to hairdressers because they could never cut a piece of paper straight? lol i personally like to cut my hair, i aim to have it very long but always cut my split ends because if you don't the ends fall off as they aren't strong enough. So it is better to cut your split ends off every now and then in order to grow your hair long.
With saying all of that, i did nod continueously throughout reading this. I do agree with you in many ways but disagree as well, hence why i clicked both :) This isn't supposed to be offensive or having a stab at you, just thought i just give you an explanation. I think i have contradicted myself in this but oh well

juddLOCKS said...

Ahh thankyou!
Yeah I was well aware of the contradictions made within my rant but I just wanted to get it all out.
I know I'll have someone soon try pick every fault in it and try discredit things I've said but I'm willing to take that haha
I don't even really care but, I know I'm trying hard to rid myself of ego and I am recognizing it's presence but I still haven't reached the point of being completely non reactive and silent. My bad >.<
thanks for your feedback however and thankyou for showing interest in my blog. Xxx

Anonymous said...

my god you're a moron.

juddLOCKS said...

Pfft. Why?
Because things annoy me?
I'm aware that things that annoy you in others you usually find within yourself... That being said maybe I'm annoyed with my materialistic nonsense? Ironic/contradicting whatever. My blog.
I'm sure you're just as moron as you think I am.

elynor said...

smalltalkians. hahaha i liked that