Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the Wall.

As you may know I've been recording at Albury High... Tonight it was these lovely lads turn...
Best genre ever! Plus I'm thrilled with how good it came out, possibly my favourite mix/master/record so far... As you can sort of see... We recorded all the music as a group not individual... same for vocals... yet it sounds so sick! Got 1 and a half songs done... once we finish vocals for the second one I'll post them up but yeah...
Harry Thurtell on (I kid you not) 'the guitar case'/harmonica/backup vocals (lead vox for 2nd song).
Jack Percy on the mini-banjo thing/plus he did guitar in the 2nd and lead vocals in the first.
Kurt 'LastName' on guitar and backup vocals...
Can't wait to show y'all!
It's got a real blues/folk/60's sound to it... the first song anyway.
I actually love this as my second job.
Now to make a living off it.

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