Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have three cats.
A Grandmother Cat, a Mother cat and a Daughter cat.
Scarlet, Ruby and Crimson Violet.
Red, Red and Purple.
Scarlet is fluffy and friendly.
Ruby is slick and a scaredy cat, however at night she's too friendly.
Violet is slick, thick furred and blends with snow, she is a scaredy cat when she's not sleepy.
Lately they have really taken over the home.
Ruby has finally caught on why Scarlet lies near the heater and we haven't really seen her leave the warmth of the couch corner since.
In fact today we watched and laughed as she cleaned each nipple in an upright sitting position on the couch, then remained like that... watching television it seemed.
Tonight was also a first for Violet too...
Usually Ruby, Violet and Pom (my dog, although she's more like a fat tubby cat) sleep with my Mum.
Or my mum sleeps with them. In and around them.
Scarlet often sleeps on my computer chair, however tonight she's on the couch.
Ruby followed me in bed tonight, nothing abnormal, just wanting more caressing than I can be bothered to give.
Next thing I feel more paws pattering on the blanket of my leg.
It's Violet.
Now I've never seen her in my room before.
Very cautiously she makes her way up to my face and prods me.
She too wanted attention.
It was cute. She playfully tossed and turned in enjoyment, bit my knuckles and purred.
Now she's cuddled right next to Ruby, in-between my legs.
I love my Cats.

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