Thursday, August 5, 2010


I can't upload pictures on iPhone!
But I bought the hipstamatic app and it's so good been taking so many rad photos.
At Amy Meredith/ Grinspoon concert at the mommm.
These two girls just came to tell me my hairs a work of art and how much they loved it.
I'm grinning ear to ear.
Compliments are the best!
In Albury I just get asked if it's a wig or they tell me how I'm the faggiest thing they've ever seen >.<
I'll upload some photos when I get home.
I'm not using facebook at the moment.
If it's important enough yay I have to I will but I waste way too much time on there and I'm so sick of people online.
I'm tempted of bailing formspring too.
People are so dumb I swear.
Oh and I got my new lens the other day.
I also got a reallly bad 24hr bug on sunday.
Lol the Amy Meredith singer and I were just chatting and he looks like Jaxon... Cept is actually midget in real life.

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