Thursday, August 12, 2010

TDT 12/8/10

I figured if I wrote it out on my blog it'd give me more kick to get stuff done.
Expect a heap more, my apologies.

To do today:

- Finish swim course question and get mother off my back.
- Organise for Bass to be recorded w/Simon at Trailer prac.
- Organise singing lessons with Hayden.
- Finish book.

To do today/tomorrow:

- Put all the idea's in my head on to paper.
- Find Troy's books.
- Try record vocals to the three disclosure songs.


Write more blogs that are deep and meaningful, I've been so lazy and there's so much I want to get out and explain/discuss from all the books I've been reading.
I guess it's harder than on internet where I just find, like, copy paste, I've been meaning to go through A New Earth and discuss a range of issues and write a down a heap of quotes.
I liked when I used to come home from school with a new blog idea and just write...
or sit down and just start writing a cute little impulsive poem.
Also... I need to go quote surfing more regularly... I love good quotes.

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