Monday, April 12, 2010


(The following was a rant I dived into after someone asked me 'is 2012 the end of the world' or something- Warning... There are some big, out-of-this-world idea's... not for the close minded.)

Things may start happenning by that date, I 'know' (from the word of a member of a the galactic confederation of light)... 21/3/2013 is the deadline for ascension... (as well as Madison's 19th birthday)
I don't see it as the end of the world, I see it as the earth, who is also a living/conscious being cleansing herself, humans who hurt her... Cities to her is what cancer is to us.
Those who have spiritually awoken and lost their sense of fear and negativity will ascend through the sun as a portal to a higher dimension, it will not burn because you lose your 3D limitations...
People who live by fear and negativity will remain as they are not ready to ascend, if they were allowed then they would create they own living hell as thought manifest themselves, all this existence is are frequencies, everything transmits a frequency, your brain reads thar electrical impulses and dispays reality as a hologram, an atom does not exist until there is a consious observer- this is all basic quantum pyhsics/mechanics, YouTube it- so in other words, nothing exists until you project a conciousness on it... So thoughts make up reality, now that means if we're always being pumped fear in the media we start to think and project our reality... And as an interlaced mass, our future.
So if you understood any of this you must realise you have to start thinking positively, the quote "you just gotta believe"  isn't just for fairytales.
In the fourth dimension and higher, reality is even more so what you make it, thoughts manifest... Which is why at the moment most of this population will remain here on earth, enslaved, working for their living, aspiring not to be more but to have more.
Peoples minds are becoming aware at a snowball rate, I've been researching as to why this might be and there is evidence to suggest cosmic rays are being projected upon us from thousands of lightyears away which I literally changing our frequencies, also suggests that's how we've been evolving so fast, not too mention all the higher beings and extraterritorial beings that are too helping to awaken our minds from our enslavement, but they are bound by universal law not to interfere until we ask and our governments REALLY do not want to deal with the telling us that aliens exist and are even here amoung us, they've been trying hard to convince our leaders on what to do but they are extremly power hungry greedy humanoids.
Now in regards to the earth cleansing herself, it has been proven in history time again that the earths poles have changed... Albert Einstein first endorsed the theory, also happens every 25, 000 somthing years which equals about 2012 as to when the next cycle will occur, if that does happen then the rate of the switch will decide whether the chaos is immediate or slow, also depends by what degree the poles actually shift. The magnetic fields on earth are very low at the moment, airplanes autopilot has had to be reconfigured all over the world.
There's also the fact that earth will be facing right through the middle of the milkyway. So like the small hole on a cd...  There's said to be a mega black hole in the middle but it could just as well be a portal of some sort, either way a very interesting and coincidental phenonomen.

The everyday living self of me doesn't think anythings really going to happen, but the very deep me tells otherwise... Either way I know not to fear.
There's also said to be solar flares from the sun that will reach earth and that energy will literally retract the ascended back through the sun and fry the rest and I know when stated blunt this all sounds so fucked up but if you research why Jesus and other enlightened beings are always drawn with a sun behind their head is because back when earths frequecies were different it was something people could literally see that auora.
Same goes for the pyramids. Even with today's technology they couldn't build those things, each stone brick weighs tonnes and is perfectly placed with not a gap a ruler could fit though. Research that, they suggest just like the buhdist monks that blow their horns and can lift boulders by chnaging the frequency of the boulder and the rate the atoms spin, therefore making it light as a feather... That seems a very likely suggestion as to how the pyramids were made, that is if it wasn't aliens, I believe they did play a part, as pyramids all over the world are perfectly aligned with astronomical locations. The pyramids are also very spiritual things, with the changing frequencies of earth they will soon become activated once again to their full restoration of state, just like the stargate in the gulf of Aden has recently reactivated... Research that, it's very recent news and every country has sent battleships to the gulf and surround it, there is proof and pictures and on the news i personally heard them say it was because of piracy... Very lame cover up.

I apologise for the rant of information I just gave to such a seemingly simple question, this is all my personal words off the top of my head from a ridiculous amount of research I've done, so there's probs some slight mistakes in there, but I strongly suggest everyone to start opening their minds to what's going on around us, the greater scheme of our existence.
YouTube and sites like attainablemind have alot of this information on there alongside all the facts and proof and history... It's only a matter of time really before more start to awaken and lower their vibrational levels through things that have been proved to do so, like meditation and not eating meat (not trying to push veg dw it's just the facts, I'd say because it demotes greed).
Well not long now to we see how it all turns out, again, this is a theory and remember the future is determined by conscious and subconcsious thoughts, so regardless of the above, think positive, act positive and you will help to lead our body of consciousness in a positive direction, where at the moment, it is not facing.

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