Monday, April 5, 2010

Scenery Aesthetic.

Yesterday Jaxon and I went out to where his Dad was camping, on a private property alongside the river.
We both got amoungst Jet Skiing... it was seriously the most amazing fun.
I'd never loved life more than speeding upstream and racing Jaxon and stuff.
We ran out of petrol but, well I did... So I just had to drift all the way back.
I said to Jaxon, go get me some petrol so he goes off and then 100m up starts doing circles...
I was getting so frustrated with him! Get some freaking petrol already before you run out!
Then he did run out... after doing circles for 20 minutes.
Turns out his steering got jammed haha sort of hilarious it was.
So eventually Mark came along on a thrid Jet ski and saved us.
We then took some photo's, and then went to the movies, but ended up not going to the movies.
I ended up climbing to the cinema roof. Pretty skilled climbing stuntman I was.

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ZILLA XXX said...

Judd, if this is what you had to post at maddis before coming here so we can goto the fun fair. Ima going to head butt you.. haha

- Jordyn