Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Amazing dream this morning...

I woke up and immediately started recalling this dream, more came back to me as I went.

I was on a school trip somewhere, we were walking as a group and it was night time. The stars were visible.  Something previous in the dream made me very excluded. 
Wait, i had been at a diving carnival, a perfect mix of melbourne and sydney. I forgot my dive sheets. I didn't make the finals.
Some girl I didn't know who had known me and was annoyingly talking to me beforehand ended up winning and it was a huge thing, even on tv because she was the underdog and I remember I went and hugged her and she was crying of joy.
I remember driving home with Edwina, I had a white holden ute for some reason and Tra had parked her car heaps in the middle and I managed to squeeze in by going up the side mound.
When inside we were getting ready for a gig and we were all pumped as.
I can't recall if we actually played the gig or not because the transition between this first part of the dream and the next part is kind of blurry.
So as I said at the beginning... I was with a big school group, possibly on school camp or we were about to do a musical performance or something...
Wait and I remember in the line I was with Ally and we were all happy and then we broke out into one of our random argument/fights, something to do with sex and her and the real reason she was on the pill or something, I don't quite remember but  she was finally accusing this 'matter' all on me and at first I tried arguing against but then I realised she was right or something. I then viewed the dream from Ashlea's perspective... Because I was watching me and Ally now and Ashlea said "judd are you guys already not talking to eachother' or something, and I made an awkward face and walked over to talk to her.
From there I was back in my perspective and I was happy and we were laughing.
As I said at the beginning, I felt very excluded from the bulk of the group from something that might of happened previous that I cant recall, or maybe just the general differences we had.
Anyway, we were walking as a group and it had been sunset/bright when Ally and I were in the line together, and now it was dark and the stars were unusually bright tonight.
We all stopped at a big green grassy field, a sport ground of some sort.
Everyone was sitting around on the wooden fence things.
I was sitting on the grass with my back turned towards them.
I was watching the stars and then all of a sudden I watched the longest 'shooting star' of my life.
It went from one horizon to the other.
I turned around to everyone and tried to stop all the conversations happening to ask if any just saw what I did.
No one had, and I was frustrated... I thought maybe I had imagined it.
I sat back down and then a heap of the stars just started moving ever so slightly, I literally rubbed my eyes in awe, sure at this point I was completely trippin.
I turned around to everyone I think hysteric in confusement now, possibly on the verge of tears, screaming at them to look or if anyone else was seeing this.
I thought it was only me, but then one of the teachers were like I can see it, and everyone else then caught on slowly.
Then for a 3 seconds or so, the darkness of the night turned into a grey blanket of clouds, like it was a storm in the daytime, and then a big black object in the sky, way too big for an airplane appeared flying high above us, moving away from us.
Then it went back to night and by now everyone was freaking out and running away.
I started to run when I remembered a lecture I had watched about the Galactic confederation of light, he said don't fear and you will be taken/helped to ascend to a higher dimension.
So I turned around from the crowd and started screaming "Take me!"
Literally within 5 seconds I saw a star swoop down and land 20 m from me, in a small rectangular, car like flying vehicle.
I walked up to it trying to push any fear out of my body, and the hood/door opened.
This is where it gets hard to explain.
It was an alien, extra-terrestrial... but It did not have a figure.
I just knew it was there. My mind just made a blurry figure of it, almost like a hologram, and it was an orange blur, height only up to my shoulder, but really it was only a presence but my mind was interpreting this presence of energy as a humanoid, alien figure... So I can't really describe exactly what its face looked like and stuff.
I don't remember it talking either but I remember us having conversations.
I walk talking but it was just projecting his answers telekinetically to me.
I was trying to be as brave as I can and make it look like I was keen to leave this earth/dimension with him, but then once I thought I had proved my braveness and dedication for wanting to leave I asked if I could bring along my friends/family and he replied with no, they need to ascend themselves when/if they are ready.
I then pleaded if I could go say goodbye and he agreed.
I remember the whole time in this small vehicle thing it was communicating through what to me looked like a tv screen, and I was more just an an interruption in the background, but he was communicating about the fact he had me.
I don't remember the trip but all of a sudden we were on the front lawn of my house.
I ran inside emotional as hell that I wouldn't ever be seeing my mum again.
Jimi was inside and I remember I was like... "where is Tra?" and he was like I think she's on a walk. I raided the house quickly but no luck.
I remember saying to Jimi to look out the front, because its a fucking spacecraft and said no more as I was determined to find my mum.
Ii went out the front and felt the energy of impatience from the alien and I said I'm sorry can we just wait a little bit? He replied sure thing but the (police) will be here soon as they're after us or something. Obviously a higher power than the local police.
I was trying my mobile to call her. Finally I though I saw her coming around the bend but it was Tez and a few others just randomly together walking.
I asked Tez if she knew where my mum was and she just looked disappointed by the fact my mum obviously wasn't home. Then Michelle and my mum walked around the corner, I gave her the hug of a lifetime, balling my eyes out trying to tell her I had to go and that I was never going to see her again and thankyou so much for everything and all the things you would say to someone if you knew you were about to die or they were about to die... Not that I would be dying but, it was a very emotional situation.
She seemed to have understood the second I hugged her... possibly because I never hug her or show much family affection, but also possibly because the aliens energy he was projecting might have made her understand faster, or possibly even my energy I was projecting, if I was already moving into the fourth density.
I said quick goodbyes to others like Edwina and then got to the vehicle craft and that is when I woke up.
More alert than ever. Not tired one bit.
I quickly tried to recall everything that I had just dreamt.
When I sat up, Jaxon who was next to me also had woken up and he was like I just had the most amazing dream, and I was like same!
Anyway, he's trying his out and so am I.
I'm wondering now if it's possible we shared the same strong frequencies being next to eachother, that produced amazing dreams?
If he also dreamt aliens then I swear it would be no coincidence.

He didn't dream Aliens... but it was pretty much the most amazing happy dream ever.
Both things we really wanted.

Just watched The Fourth Kind again... Now I'm scared.

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